Monday, December 22, 2008

Today I finished all my christmas shopping. First I went to Joanne Fabrics where they were having 70% off of all their christmas items. I saw many, many, many things I would have loved to have bought but I restrained myself knowing I needed to finish buying for others ;-) I did buy a photo album for my oldest to put her pictures in from her trip to NYC with my sister last year. I then went to Walmart which was disgustingly packed and bought the ingredients to make homemade chex mix. It is so easy to make and delicious. I used a recipe that I found online but had to tweak it because it just seemed like it was missing something. Here all the ingredients minus the butter.

I then went to Big Lots and bought these tins to put the chex mix in. They will go to my husbands and my co workers as well as friends at the christmas eve party we are attending and friends and family that will be at my mothers on christmas day. The tins were $2 for the larger ones and $1.70 for the smaller.

At Big Lots I saw this Jelly Belly strawberry daquiri mx that I thought was cute and I bought it to give to my friend Tammy. It was only $3.50.

I also met my hubby for lunch for chinese this afternoon where they gave us enough food to feed an army. There was enough for me, my husband and my daughters lunch plus dinner for the both of us. I then went to a bbq place called Kellers to buy his boss a gift certificate. It was a busy and productive day and I am so glad that I do not have to set foot in a store again before christmas!


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