Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yay! I am almost done!

I am almost done with my shopping. On monday I will wrap it up. The "big" gift this year was an Xbox 360. My daughter and husband requested this one. Husband likes to pretend he is a nascar driver and 14 year likes to play games. She also asked for and recieved guitar hero. That is pretty fun. The other gifts are the things girls are made of: perfume, clothes, cute pajamas, and jewelry. See that carpet? This coming year it will be ripped up and replaced with laminate wood floors. I made these cupcakes for my wonderful co worker friends. The green things are actually little tiny christmas trees as you can see in the next pic.

Well maybe not....

I cannot believe there is only 5 more days till christmas. What really makes it unbelievable is when it is 80 degrees outside!


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