Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Worlds Most Famous Beach- Daytona

On sunday after Mitchell and I left Sanford we decided to go to Daytona Beach since we were already half way there. Daytona Beach was where we went for spring break every year. Its about a two hour drive from our home. We knew the town had really changed since the last time we were there and we wanted to see for ourselves.
This is the view crossing over the bridge..

This is the only beach in Florida you can drive cars on. I don't know it may be the only beach in America you can drive on.

Heres Mitchell looking all cute :0)

Along the beach are motels, condos and resaurants known as the boardwalk. We parked in a parking garage across the street from the beach and walked through a pass thru that linked to a movie theatre, restaurant and shops on the beach side. Then we walked down the boardwalk.

This was a memorial to motorcycle racing.

This picture below was taken from the pier. The pier juts out to the ocean and has a restaurant halfway way across and after that you pay $1.50 per person to walk to the end of the pier. Mostly fishermen are there at the end. On the beach side the band shell, an arcade and burger place are the only original structures there now.
This is a picture of the Daytona International Speedway. The Rolex 24 race was going on at this time.

We had a really great time and decided we will come back in the summer with our girls amd stay a couple of days.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A day with the Husband..Sanford, FL

On Sunday my husband Mitchell and I took his brother to the Sanford International Airport to fly back to NC. Afterwards we went to the historic downtown of Sanford.
We ate lunch in this German restaurant called Hollerbachs Willow Tree Cafe. I did not get a picture of it when we went so I uploaded one from their website and this is a night shot.

This was our view leaving our car walking to the restaurant. Most of the shops were closed as it was Sunday but it was such a beautiful day and I had my fill from window shopping the day before so I did not care.

This was an shop that sold art work and the building itself was a work of art. This is how the entire outside of the shop looked. Click on pic to enlarge.

This is the Sanford Marina on Lake Monroe in walking distance from the downtown area.

After we left here we went to the world's most famous beach...Daytona Beach. I will post photos of that another day as I am tired out from my weekend and have to work tomorrow.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stuart Florida...a day with the girls.

On Saturday my friends Tammy, Rita and Amy went to Stuart, FL. Its about a 2 hour drive from our homes. Amy used to live there. Heres Tammy, me, Rita in the front and Amy behind Rita.
Here we are having lunch at a restaurant when we first got there. I have totally forgotten the name of this restaurant. Amy??

After we ate we went to the historic part of Stuart. There were alot of shops with alot of STUFF!
I actually did not buy one thing.

In one of the stores they had all these pennies scattered around on the floor.

This was our favorite store. Its was nothing but perfumes, lotions and candles.

We had a great time and look forward to doing it again!!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Salisbury Steak

Last night we had my parents over for dinner. I made Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes. I found this recipe for Salisbury steak on-line and it was delicious. Try it sometime, I promise you'll like it.

Salisbury Steak in Mushroom Gravy

1 lb ground beef
1 egg
3 tablespoons crushed buttery round cracker crumbs
2 tablespoons finely chopped onion
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp poultry seasoning
2 (4 oz) cans sliced mushrooms w/ juice (I actually use fresh)
3 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
3 cups milk
3 cubes beef bouillon

In a medium bowl mix together the ground beef, egg, cracker crumbs, onion, salt, pepper, and poultry seasoning using your hands. Shaped into 6 patties about 1" thick

Fry the patties in a large skillet over medium-high heat for 3 to 4 minutes per side, or until browned. Drain off grease, and remove patties to a platter; keep warm.

Melt the butter in the same skillet, and add the mushrooms. Cook and stir for about 2 minutes. Sprinkle the flour over, and mix in until blended. Stir in the milk and beef bouillon. Cook and stir over medium heat until smooth and starting to thicken. Return the patties to the gravy and cook over low heat, uncovered, for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.


Monday, January 12, 2009

My Kitchen

This is my new kitchen table that my parents got us for Christmas (and my birthday!) I love it. My mother made the curtains for me and I jsut bought the black and white polka dotted place mats. Now I just need to come up with a centerpiece.

These kitchen cupboards are a result of HOURS of work by me and my husband. They are builder grade cabinets and they were very outdated looking. We stripped, primed and painted them and put on new hardware. Next we will change out the countertop. I love my kitchen now!


Friday, January 9, 2009

A day at Ft. Christmas

Today my mom, sister, niece and nephew and me went to one of my favorite local places:
Click on picture to enlarge to read:
Ft. Christmas is located in Christmas, Florida. The fort and stockade were reproduced in 1976-1977 by the Orange County Parks Department as a bicentennial project. The original fort was located approximately one mile north of Fort Christmas Historical Park on a small creek. Built in 1837 by the United States Army under the orders of General Jesup, the fort was a supply depot in a chain of forts constructed along the St. Johns River during a winter campaign against the Seminole Indians. In March of 1838 the military abandoned the fort, since the fighting had moved so far south that supplies were brought by ship into Jupiter Inlet.

There are many items located in the museum not necessarily from the fort but from families that lived in the area a century ago. These are children's baptismal clothes as well as some of their toys.

This is me outside of an outhouse holding a corn cob. Can you imagine?????

Behind the fort they have old houses that were brought in piece by piece from around Florida. They are known as Florida cracker houses. This was the inside of one. They had to use mosquito netting to keep from being eaten alive!

Built in 1917 by local labor for the Tosohatchee Ranch Company, the Beehead Ranch House provided housing for the ranch foreman and his family. In 1925 the ranch was purchased by a group of sportsmen from Sanford and Orlando. It became a hunting club, called the Tosohatchee Game Preserve.

This was on the mantle of one of the houses. I want one! If anyone knows where I can get one let me know.

On the way home not too far from Ft. Christmas we stopped at Back to Nature. They take in wild animals that have been injured and can no longer fend for themselves. I have had to take a few birds and a couple of squirrels there before. The curator is someone I went to high school with. I have contemplated volunteering there on my days off but it is a big commitment. These are people after my own heart. They even help the buzzards out!

Look at this adorable owl. They are my favorite birds of all.

We had a fabulous day today. Hope everyone else did as well!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A great day with the family!

My sister, brother in law, niece and nephew are in town. We celebrated our Christmas with them on the 6th. Today we went to Merritt Island on the east coast to look at a house they saw on the internet that they were interested in. Can you say beautiful and unique and right on a canal that leads to the Banana River that leads out to the Atlantic Ocean?!? The house is 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, close to 3,000 square feet with a screen enclosed built in pool. The canal has a floating dock and if my sister moves in there will be a boat lift installed. The house has many upgrades as the owner is a builder. My husband and brother in law will be fishing fools.

After dinner we went to Port Canaveral and ate at Rusty's. This is a restaurant that sits right on the port and you can see cruise ships such as the Disney Cruise Ship sail right by as you eat. I had a caeser salad with blackened grouper and it was delicious!

This is a pelican that was hanging outside the restaurant. They really are the funniest looking bird. I wish I could have been quick enough to take a picture when he opened his beak so wide that the top and bottom were completely vertical.

Afterwards, we went to Cocoa Beach and enjoyed the sunshine and the warm sand on our feet.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that my sister and my best friend will move back and be nearer to us.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Twas the Month after Christmas

'Twas the month after Christmas, and all through the house,
Nothing would fit me, not even a blouse.
The cookies I'd nibbled, the eggnog I'd taste,
At the holiday parties had gone to my waist.
When I got on the scales there arose such a number!
When I walked to the store (less a walk than a lumber).
I'd remember the marvelous meals I'd prepared,
The gravies and sauces and beef nicely rared.
The wine and the rum balls, the bread and the cheese,
And the way I'd never said, "No thank you, please."
As I dressed myself in my husband's old shirt,
And prepared once again to do battle with dirt.
I said to myself, as I only can,
"You can't spend a winter disguised as a man!
"So--away with the last of the sour cream dip,
Get rid of the fruit cake, every cracker and chip.
Every last bit of food that I like must be banished,
'Till all the additional ounces have vanished.
I won't have a cookie--not even a lick,
I'll want only to chew on a long celery stick.
I won't have hot biscuits, or corn bread, or pie,
I'll munch on a carrot and quietly cry.
I'm hungry, I'm lonesome, and life is a bore,
But isn't that what January is for?
Unable to giggle, no longer a riot,
Happy New Year to all and to all a good diet

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and day! We did. New Years Eve was spent at the home of our good friends eating and hanging out by the fire pit. We got home around 1:45 in the a.m.

This morning I made this delicious quiche. Quiche before cooking.....

Quiche after cooking.....

Heres the recipe for two quiches:

2 9" pie shells
8 ozs reduced fat pork sausage
1 cup milk
3 eggs, slightly beaten
1/2 cup reduced fat may(for some reason it says NO MIRACLE WHIP!)
2 tbls flour
2 cups (8 ozs ) shredded cheddar cheese
1 large or small GRANNY SMITH apples, peeled and chopped

Prick the bottom and sides of the pie shells with a fork. Bake them at 400 degrees for 6 minutes. Remove from oven. Maintain the oven temp.

1) Brown the sausage in a skillet, drain
2) Mix the milk, eggs, mayo, and flour in a bowl. Stir in the sausage, cheese and apple.
3) Spoon the sausage mixture into the prepared pie shells.
4) Bake for 40-45 minutes or till light brown.

You can freeze the cooked quiche and when ready to eat heat at 350 for 30-35 minutes in or microwave for 3-4 minutes.

This is super delicious try it!

New Years day was spent at home doing things around the house. Around 5:30 my parents came to the house to eat. I made corned beef with cabbage,carrots, and potatoes and corn bread. Then the x-box came out. For Christmas we got Guitar Hero. Here is oldest daughter playing....

Husband is playing Nascar......

And youngest daughter showing off her expert skills on guitar hero for grandma and grandpa.

After we ate dinner hubby started a fire in the chimnea and we sat out back around the fire for about an hour and a half. Tommorrow its back to work at 1:00 p.m. I am looking forward to this New Year and hopefully it will be better for all than last.