Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bathroom remodel

Our house is 16 years old this month. We are having to replace and update just about everything. Our latest project is the guest/girls bathroom. Some of the tiles had come loose and water was getting behind them. On thursday Mitchell tore all the tile off. Behind it was insulation and towards the bottom it was sopping wet. Even the boards behind it were wet. This is how it looks now and will look for at least another week because we have to let everthing dry out. We are putting in a pre-fab bathtub (no more tile and grout for us) and a new vanity, sink, toilet, and tile on the floors. I also want to put beadboard and chair rails on the walls.

After this its the wood laminate flooring, then new counter tops, then the master bath, then french doors in lieu of our sliding glass doors, then new bedroom furniture, then new living room furniture, a new air conditioner, larger water heater, OK I will stop now ;-)


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Amy said...

well that's fun can't wait to see the finished product!