Monday, February 2, 2009

Closet Makeover

Today I had the day off from work. It was a dreary, rainy day. I decided to tackle our bedroom closet. It has become a catch all for all the stuff that I don't have a place for. The problem is our closet is super small. So I took everything out of the closet and noticed that it needed to be painted. So I went to the store, bought some paint, came home and painted. After awhile I started to put every thing back and started a Goodwill pile.
This is embarassing but here is the before:

And ta da... here is the after. While at the store I bought the canvas boxes to put sweaters, ball caps and purses in. I need one more sweater box.

Now I feel more organized. From now on I am not putting anything in there that does not belong in there!


1 comment:

Amy said...

Haha I have a similar blog post have a messy closet from a while back. There easy to become black holes because no one ever see's them! Looks good though!