Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Easter Lilies and my tile project

My easter lilies have bloomed and they are beautiful. Now if only the leaves would quit falling off of our huge oak tree in front. We have raked and swept up at least a million!

This is the tile coaster project I wanted to do and just got around to doing it because I could not find a fleur de lis stamp. I found it today at Michael's. I really like how they turned out. I will be making more as gifts.



Deb said...

Hi Gini! They both are so beautiful! Nothings blooming in my yard yet but I see a few things coming up. I can't wait until Good Friday, that's when I began all yard work. The coasters are great! They look as if they were bought that way. Deb

Amy said...

Gorgeous my best friend loves fler de lies spelling is horrible sorry!

Twice as Nice said...

I wish it were warm enough here for flowers to bloom. It won't be long.
Yes, I got the cloche from Cracker Barrell after Halloween. I think it was less than $10.00. Thanks for stopping by.