Monday, March 9, 2009

Tile Coaster Project and faux candles

Today I bought these tiles from Home Depot with a project in mind. They will be coasters. Cheap and easy. A box contains 9 and they were $4.77.

Does anyone else think these flameless candles are great? These candle holders are in my foyer and they are such a pain to clean when a candle has burned to the wick. With these flameless candles there is no mess! They use button batteries and I bought a pack of 12 of them for $2.50.
Looks like I need to straighten out one of my scrolls.
Off to enjoy my dinner now cooked by my wonderful husband: grilled wings, french fries and green beans!



Deb said...

Hi Gini! I can imagine how the tiles will look, I can't wait to see them. I can't wait to see the bathroom too and the little strawberry cheesecakes look delish! Deb

Amy said...

I need a few of those!

Rue said...

Hi Gini :)

I haven't tried those yet. I think I should get some for the mantle though :)


Anonymous said...