Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of High School

Where did the time go. My youngest daughter started high school on Monday. Her best friend/boyfriend gets up extra early and rides his bike to our house and waits for her to get ready. Unfortunately we do not have bus transportation to the school because we live 1.8 miles away and you must live 2 miles to have bus transportation. Ridiculous considering our children would have to cross a major 4 lane highway to get to the school. And what about if it rains? Anyway, I have been taking them and it stinks because on the days I have to work it puts me behind and on my days off I still have to get up early to take them to school :-( Oh well, on the bright side since I am forced to wake up early on my days off I will hopefully get more accomplished!


Friday, August 21, 2009

De Leon Springs and the Old Sugar Mill

On Tuesday my mom, daughter and her boyfriend went to De Leon Springs. It is a state park in De Leon Springs, Florida. Native American Indians used these springs as far back as 6.000 years ago. The water is 72 degrees year around. There is a restaurant called the Old Sugar Mill that serves breakfast that you make yourself on a a griddle that is built into the table.
This is the entrance: (click on picture to enlarge)

This is a wheel located in the restaurant that was once used in a sugar mill.

The kids had pancakes that they brought out in pitchers. They were $4.50 a piece for all you can eat and for $1.75 you can purchase add ins. The kids had chocolate chips and blueberries.

My mom and I had eggs that we scrambled ourselves, bacon that we did not cook, and toast that we buttered and toasted on the griddle. The only negative to this fun was that there is no air conditioning in the rustic restaurant and the griddles produce alot of heat and in turn it made for a sweaty meal. But it was worth it.

To get into the coollllddd water you have to just dive in. Rachel and I had no problem but her boyfriend was pretty wimpy about it. My mom... she didn't even wear her swimsuit.

This was a beautiful place and we had a very good time. When my sister and her family come in October we will make another visit.